Use Portfolio Tracker: How to Monitor Crypto Portfolio Easily

Daily monitoring of your cryptocurrency in various accounts is probably a real problem, especially when you need specialized analytical tools based on your crypto investment goals. Here comes crypto portfolio tracker with its numerous features.

What is a Crypto Portfolio?

Crypto portfolio app or website is an essential tool both for professional traders and crypto amateurs. This kind of tool allows users to monitor all their cryptocurrencies in one place in real-time. All you need is to connect your favorite wallets and exchange accounts and get access to all your holdings in a straightforward dashboard.

The number of crypto portfolio trackers is rising through the interest in crypto investment. There is one general purpose for crypto portfolios – connect all in one and save time for thousands of crypto users by getting read-only permissions.

However, there are also differences between crypto portfolio trackers still they have their own features and benefits. Crypto Portfolio Tracker is one of the best and easy-to-use crypto portfolio trackers which allows users to connect different exchanges and wallets to their accounts and see the total value of their holdings, get real-time reports of portfolio performance, get notifications and crypto price alerts, and much more from one screen. supports the majority of cryptocurrency and the most favorite exchanges.

Supported exchanges:


One of the many benefits while using this tracker is that it is powered by AI and uses algorithms to predict crypto price trends in popular crypto markets thereby each user can easily make the right decisions for his investment.

Key features:

Notifications and alerts
Personal account manager
Real-time market reports
Portfolio updates (daily, weekly, monthly, all)
Customized charts and graphs
Transaction reports

Advantages of Using Crypto Portfolio Tracker

No doubt, crypto portfolio tracker saves a lot of time as you can simply login into one account and see all the data across different crypto accounts. It automatically tracks your portfolio and notifies you about your portfolio performance. This is why using a crypto portfolio tracker makes the tracking process easier, especially for crypto users who hold cryptocurrencies in different wallets.


Time is the most expensive thing you have. If you are a crypto holder and you want to keep up with the latest market updates and other useful information about your portfolio start using crypto management tools. A crypto portfolio tracker is a fast, secure, and reliable way in order to monitor all your Defi assets and to be ahead of your game.

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